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Why BSF is expensive than Soya? How to replace BSF with other protein source in poultry industry?

Let us first start by understanding what are the protein sources that are used in poultry industry.

we have soya meal as the prime protein source, some formulation had certain small percentage of fish meal mainly for the wide spectrum of amino acid content which is on a prime absent in plant proteins.

Now, when the entire industry operates on the pricing of protein in the feed, what I mean here is, the pricing and quality of the feed is determined by the protein percentage that is used in the feed. So, fortunately or unfortunately price of the feed is directly proportional to percentage of protein content in the feed. This you could have seen based on the pricing of the different grade of the feed. Now again, what determines which protein source to choose, first is the price and next is the quality of Protein. Soya is a protein source and Fish meal is a protein source as well. But there is a vast difference in their pricing??

Here comes the main factor called as Bio-availability. What is Bio-availability? How much of the protein that gets absorbed by the system of the livestock.

Out of research and practical experience, quality of Fish meal is considered high as their bio-availability of not only protein, but also all other nutrients is high to the livestock. Hence, there is higher pricing as well. Again there is grades in the fish meal as well, which again shows the quality.

So, till now we understood about Soya and Fish meal comparison in pricing. If the end result is more encouraging the pricing for the same is leveled up as well. Hence, BSF meal can't be a direct replacement for Soya (plant based protein) but to Fish meal. Hence, in poultry feed the inclusion of BSF is by replacing Fish meal and not Soya meal. Purely because of the quality of Nutrition. So, it is still very economical if we see BSF as replacement of Fish meal in Poultry feed.

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