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Unleash BSFL's potential as a game-changing feed ingredient. Experience enhanced nutrition, sustainable sourcing, and improved animal performance. Our meticulously processed products provide high-quality protein, essential nutrients, and positive environmental impact.
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Why Insect Protein?

Insect protein, along with its natural antimicrobial peptides (AMPs), presents a sustainable and efficient nutritional option with high-quality amino acids and potential alternative protein source.


Improves Immunity & Reduces Mortality

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Fish Stall

Embrace nature's solution for healthier, thriving animals. Experience the transformative impact today.


Natural Growth Promoter 

Supporting optimal growth, muscle development, and overall performance in animals.


Cost effective & Sustainable

At the price of fish meal , BSFL  also contributes to a circular economy by closing the nutrient loop.

Our Products

Introducing our exceptional range of BSFL products: meticulously processed, high-quality, and tailored to meet the diverse demands of our customers in various market-fit formats.

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