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Feeding guidelines for Black soldier fly larvae | KovaiBSF

"Just dump it will eat" is a lazy man's easy game regarding BSF. To some extent that's true, but black soldier fly larvae should definitely have treatment and care of any other livestock when we are doing it on a commercial scale. In small home setups, we can still get away with some mismanagements. These small creatures are very forgiving, versatile and do the processing job within 24hours at max, still, they also need to be farmed with care.

What is the feeding regime for my BSF in the grow-out pond??

Practically speaking Each farmer do it differently and end up in their own schedule depending on their waste availability, type of waste, labour, environmental condition, whether its a closed unit or open space etc., Feeding can be daily, three days once, weekly once and some manage with just once, then harvest after 12 days. We at KovaiBSF, have a system in place and feed daily. Fresh food helps the larvae for better quality and even growth. Also, keep other pests and flies at bay. Again, It all depends on how the farm is managed.

One frequent question, that is tricky for a beginner of BSF farming is how much should I feed my larvae. The simple answer to that is just feed as much as they can finish in one day or lesser. Why lesser, if they finish it early you can addon, but the reverse dumping so much may lead to a lot of practical difficulties. Over days of farming with experience, you will get to know how much is working out for your farm. As each farm is different in the waste they handle, the space and provisions they got, and environmental factor that influences the processing.

BSF farmers should keep in mind that BSF like any other livestock needs care and their feeding should cater for their nutritional requirements to get healthy growth and better quality larvae. Try to mix the waste so that feed has a good source of protein, fat and carbs.


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