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BSFL Whole Vs. BSFL Meal

Let's know the terms used in BSF industry. BSFL whole is dried form of BSFL without any further processing. Whereas BSFL meal is got by pressing out the oil out of dried BSFL and making the mass into powder. Here, since the fat content (as oil) is removed from the whole weight, the protein percentage increases.

Sometimes, people get confused with the thought that BSFL meal is more nutritional as it has high percentage of Protein. Whole BSFL with the natural fat is intact and without much of processing is nutritional either. BSFL fat is a composition of saturated as well as unsaturated fatty acids, prime souce of omega 3,6 & 9 fatty acids that are much equivalent to the their Marine counter part "The fish".

So, which one to use in my feed formulation, BSFL whole or BSFL Meal?

It totally depends on your processing and the ingredients used in your formulation.

Just a gist to clear the cloud in the mind of some of the friends out there. Thanks for Reading.

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