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Study: BSF meal improves livability, yields and FCR in shrimp diets

By Jane Byrne, by 28-Sep-2021

With increase in popularity of Black soldier fly larvae as alternative source of protein source in feed industry, Shrimp feed looks viable considering the fact of current BSF meal Pricing. Here is just some key point on the testing done in this area by Nutrition Technology.

A study led by Singaporean insect meal producer, Nutrition Technologies, found performance gains from partial substitution of fishmeal with BSF meal in shrimp diets.

The purpose of this trial was to find the optimum inclusion rate of BSF meal to replace anchovy derived premium fishmeal, with minimal impact in terms of cost.

The best result came from a diet which had a 25% fishmeal replacement inclusion: a total 6.6% BSF meal, said the producer. This inclusion level, it said, led to a 14% higher survival rate, 17% higher live yield and a better feed conversion rate of 20%, when compared to the control diet.

The firm said the inclusion of its BSF meal in this treatment increased the total cost of the diet by 3.3%, but due to the improved performance, resulted in an overall shrimp feed that was 14.4% better value for money.

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